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In today’s world that is brimming with imitations and “Made in China” labels, it is nice to know that there still exist a few durable American originals such as this pair of Tomy Lama rattlesnake skin cowboy boots.  Definitely distinctive and as there aren’t many boots around made from genuine rattlesnake they are certainly something special and a favorite among those who already have them. So lets have a look at what they have to offer.

Product Description

The Tomy Lama rattlesnake cowboy boots are handcrafted by American cobblers whose same hands performed the fancy embroidery on the leather shafts, as well as the stitching of the soles and uppers. For the vamps, they used genuine rattlesnake skin which gives an elegant texture to the boots. Completing the upper is the 12-inch vintage goat top in brown that complements the silvery vamp.

The boots also feature a classic round toe and Western dress heels. For a more comfortable wear, the manufacturer had the insoles cushioned. On the other hand, the material used for the outsoles are full welt leather that is single-stitched in place. The boots’ linings are made of leather as well. To make them easy to wear, they also have pull-on straps on both sides of the shaft.


These boots certainly have an exotic feel about them. Unlike cheap cowboy boots that are made overseas, these Western-style boots are a fine testimony to the unparalleled craftsmanship of American artisans. They reflect the tradition of the Wild West without looking pretentious or over-the-top. It is the silvery rattlesnake skin that is the best feature of this pair, that when partnered with button-downs and jeans, really standout from the crowd.

Another advantage of these boots is that they offer comfort aside from style. The cushioning on their insoles allows the wearer to pull them on without having to be finicky about the socks that they need to use. This cushioning feature takes away the hassle in wearing the boots all the time, especially during long periods of horse riding.

As for the embroidered shafts, they are unique in a way that they are hand-made instead of being machine-manufactured. The design suits the tan color of the shaft and it brings to mind the obsession of the cowboys with winged emblems.

Being so special you will however will want to pickup some proper exotic leather cream to help protect and enhance the appearance of the boots, specifically the rattlesnake skin vamps. Such material needs care and regular cleaning such as described here,


I don’t think it gets more genuine than snake skin boots that are hand made in El Paso, Texas. The sizing tends towards being a bit on the small side but if you’re after some beautiful,  top-quality boots, you won’t go wrong with these.

Tony Lama Men's Rattlesnake Cowboy Boot Round Toe

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