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Lizard Skin Boots: Review of ‘Raleigh’ by Dan Post

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Very simply not all cowboy boots are created the same. When you’re looking for boots that will make you the talk of the town (and realistically you buy snake or lizard skin boots to be noticed) then you are looking for a pair of Dan Post’s Raleigh Lizard Skin Boots.


The Dan Post Men’s Raleigh Western boots feature vamps that are made of authentic Teju lizard skin. The reptile skin, which is used for these boots, is exclusively found in the tropical forests of South and Central America, and is known for having a luminous skin. It is otherwise known in the shoemaking industry as “alligator lizard” because of its resemblance with the reptiles of this class in texture and pattern of the skin.

Going back to the boots, each boot has a leather shaft measuring 13 inches long from the arch of the upper and featuring an embroidered design. With an opening that measures about 14 inches, the boot hugs the wearer’s calf perfectly. Its outsole stands on standard cuban 1.5-inch angled cowboy heels and a ¾” welt is single-stitched in place and there is also a supple leather lining.

The insides of these lizard skin boots are just as impressive as their exteriors. They have a moisture-wicking feature and a patented odor-eliminating technology called Poron microbial system. To ensure comfortable wear, the boots come equipped with a 3-part cushioned insole, which also enables the wearer to flex and gain stability. On both sides of the shafts are pull tabs for getting the wearer’s feet into the boots.

This pair of Dan Post lizard boots is available in five striking colors: black, black cherry, antique tan, regular tan and cherry (although not all sizes are available in all colors at any one time).


It is almost rare that one finds a handcrafted pair of boots these days, considering the mass-production of nearly every wardrobe essential by large companies around the world. However, instead of going the similar route, the manufacturing of these Dan Post Western boots is made traditional, with the artisans skillfully embroidering the intricate design on the shaft and stitching the vamps, upper and soles into one piece of classic footwear. If you are selective about the origins of a boot, you have an assurance that this pair has been manufactured with precision of a true cobbler hands.

Another good point to consider is the exotic quality of the boots, which is brought by the lizard skin vamps. A lot of other shoemakers will deceive you into believing that their boots are made of genuine animal skin, when in fact they are just imitations and use synthetic materials like leatherette. With these Western boots from Dan Post, you can be 100% sure that they are made with authentic lizard skin and are carefully treated to enhance their luminosity and durability.

A novel idea that is incorporated into these lizard skin boots is the Poron microbial system. Apart from its moisture-wicking quality that prevents wetness of the feet, this technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, especially if the wearer has the boots on for long periods of time. This is a feature patented by Dan Post and it is unlikely that you will find a pair that delivers just as efficient moisture elimination as these unique western boots.

The curve patterns on the shafts (similar to paisley sans the plethora of colors) are a perfect addition to the boots. They bring out the true Western vibe of the footwear. Such are distinctive motifs of the original cowboy boots and it is good to know that Dan Post keeps the tradition by incorporating them to its extensive lines of western footwear. These designs are suggestive of the Western world’s love affair with winged emblems and fancy woodworks.

Aside from the seamless exteriors of the boots, it is safe to say that the insides of these Dan Posts are just as noteworthy. If you are very particular with the feel of the shafts on your calves, then these western boots are ideal for you. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also do not rub the calves the wrong way. The insides of the boots are smooth and you can forget about wearing midcalf-length socks just to avoid scratching your calves.

The interior of the boots are breathable as well. This means you’ll have enough room to wiggle your toes, though not so spacious that the boots fall out occasionally. The fit is just right and you will never have to worry about wetting your feet due to moisture. A pair of pull tabs on each side of the shaft is convenient for wearing the boots in just little as ten seconds.

To conclude this review, the Dan Post Men’s Raleigh Western boots are a testament to American craftsmanship. These lizard skin cowboy boots will definitely impress and are highly recommended for those who only want the best pair of boots in both quality and looks.

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