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In the context of making cowboy and western boots, the Ferrini company is relatively young, having only been in the business since 1980 :). Where the Dan Post brand prides itself on comfort, Ferrini draws on its Italian fashion background and is all about style.  However, it is not the fantastic looking garbage you get some designer brands, this is style without comprising quality with all their boots being handmade. I really enjoyed just having a browse through their range of mens boots and some of the womens boots are fun just to look at. Been and had a look? Good, now if you have been on the hunt for a pair of boots and you’re giving style, sexiness and functionality highest considerations take a look at the Men’s Genuine Lizard Western Boots from Ferrini and read on…

After seeing some of the more flamboyant options, particularly in the women’s boots, when designing their lizard skin boots Ferrini have gone for a more traditional cowboy boot look. However, they are certainly not going to be mistaken for working boots, with a high degree of shine these are a classy go anywhere boot that you would expect to replace dress shoes and be comfortable wearing them with anything.

They come in two color variations and each color comes in two different toe designs. This is surprising as generally a model of boot is usually designed with only one toe style and if you don’t like then too bad. The first option is black and features Teju lizard skin vamps and counters finished in a high gloss black with black leather shafts. The pattern work on the black is highly detailed and depicted in white to be overall quite striking. The second option is termed ‘Chocolate’ and has a brown lizard skin foot with brown leather shafts. The embroidery on these is in white, yellow and tan and complements the overall look of the boot nicely. The shafts on both are leather with a cowhide upper as you would expect in a quality boot. As always there are pull tabs at the top of the shaft but in each case Ferrini have added a little flourish to these with a shaped piece of lizard skin over the join of the tabs to the shaft. For something small it does look good and adds to the appeal of the boots.

Back to the toe. Two options round and square or sometimes called R-toe and S-toe. The R-toe is tapered, rounded at the tip and the most common cowboy boot toe. It is also round across the top of the toes whereas the S-toe is almost flat across the top, wider at the front and more angular. Here are some pictures so you can see the difference.

ferrini lizard skin boot square toe ferrini lizard skin boot round toe



What probably caught your eye before the difference in shape is the difference in the soles. As is common in square toe boots and shoes is the fact that the welts (the part where the upper is stitched to the sole) are a lot visible. Ferrini have accented this by using white stitching and keeping the soles brown, the effect is nowhere near as dramatic on the brown version where it blends nicely. On each variation the boots have a full leather sole finished in black on the black r-toe, dark brown on the chocolate / brown r-toe and in a tan / brown on both the s-toe versions. Continuing on the differences is the fact that the r-toe being the more traditional cowboy boot have the standard 1.5″ angled heels originally designed for riding. The s-toe version has the not as tall shorter ‘walking’ or roper heel which is obviously designed for when you do a lot more walking.

While the s-toe version looks a bit more like a boot designed for working, both designs are a fashion boot. Its not that they aren’t any good but personally if I’m doing something where the exotic leather boots might get damaged I will put on my old badly abused steel-cap work boots. In contrast fashion boots are reasonably lightweight (there is still a lot of boot there though) and are more flexible. They don’t have the extreme attention to comfort that some do and would probably be rated as ‘normal’ in this regard. As for the quality though they look like they have been handled and made by a meticulous worker.  There are no pit marks or gouges on the leather and you won’t see excess glue spreading beyond corners.  The stitching is straight and you won’t see loose threads.  The toe is smooth to the touch and there are no bulges on it.

Overall: Some nice boots that are handcrafted in mexico. While the styling of the black s-toe version didn’t appeal to me that is a personal preference thing I am sure others will love them. Overall a good quality, stylish pair of boots that was described in review by someone on amazon for their looks as “their killa boots”. A good buy for a quality stylish pair of boots.

If you use the links to amazon, you will see things are a little screwed up. The brown is also called both ‘chocolate’ and ‘cho’ and there are multiple listings. Amongst them you will find ‘variations’ including a version called Taupe that while it says lizard skin they look an awful like ostrich to me. However within one of the  listings is the option for the larger sizes of the brown r-toe as well (it would be worth a look as the availability of sizes and prices vary between the listings at the time of writing there were considerable price differences).


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