Laredo Key West Men’s Python Cowboy Boots Review

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Laredo, a brand owned and manufactured by the Dan Post Boot Company is generally known for its popular prices and authentic styling. At the moment they have over 60 styles of roper and cowboy boots that covers the spectrum from riding to classic western to buckaroo styles. Their tagline is ‘Whether you wear them for Saturday night out on the town or to work every day, Laredo Boots will stand up to the test. Ok, well lets have a look at their “Key West” snakeskin boots.

The Key West model is Laredo brand’s top of the line cowboy boot and the only boot by this brand to feature genuine snakeskin. On first impression is the similarity between these and the Dan Post Omaha range (reviewed here), these could be the silver version – that’s not a bad thing the Omaha’s are a great boot. Of course while there are similarities, after that first impression the differences become pretty obvious.

The Laredo snakeskin boot has back-cut python vamps and counters that has been finished with a nice silver hue to create the snakeskin foot as seen in the pictures. This really compliments the white embroidery and pattern-work on the shafts and overall creates gives a great extra oomph to the whole look. The boots are a classic 13″ tall and the shafts are made of real leather (many of the Laredo’s are synthetic) and of course topped with the usual pull-straps.

The outsoles are also made of leather and as any typical cowboy or western boot should have, the Key West snake skin boots have angled western heels that are around 1.5″ tall. Easily enough to make your legs look more slender and toned, especially if you slip the lower end of your pants under the upper part or top of the boots. At the front is a classic R-toe that is tapered but rounded at the tip.

No matter how good-looking a pair of boots is, comfort must also be taken into account when purchasing any boots. As you would expect from a product of this caliber and the top of a brands range, Laredo was certainly thinking of its clientele when designing these boots and inside are good cushioned insoles. They are designed to give the wearer enough foot support during a long day walking or partying at night.

If your job is something that involves a lot of mud or dirt or you should really have steel caps you may not want to follow their Laredo’s tagline and wear them to work every day. However for those whose work is so destructive on their boots, Laredo have created a great looking, good quality snakeskin boot with their Key West model that with proper care should provide years of enjoyment.

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