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Dan Post Genuine Python Western Bay Apache Cowboy Boots: A Review

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Last week I looked at Dan Post’s Omaha Snakeskin Boots which turned out to a great boot and highly recommended. I mentioned on that review that there was another version called the “Western Bay Apache”. Well it turns out that they are only sort of part of the Omaha range sometimes they are considered part of it, sometimes they are their own separate model. I could very simply say this is the brown version, but that doesn’t really do them justice and so I have given them their own post.

They feature genuine python skin vamps and counters finished in a tan/brown coloring – that sounds dull but it is carefully crafted to give you that sharp, intricate, and exotic look. Overall the snakeskin has a great sheen, is very distinctive and is a credit to the artists who handcrafted these boots. As you would expect the shafts are 13-inch high and made from high grade full grain leather inside and out which conforms to your feet adding more comfort. The shafts are decorated with an intricate design in white, brown and black that has been carefully crafted to ensure durability and uniqueness. Its a great tasteful look that compliments the foot really well and exudes that Old West vibe that never goes out of style.

Some of the other features are pretty much sticking to the norm for cowboy boots. They have the classic 1.5″ angled cowboy boot heels and similarly classic R toe that is tapered and rounded at the tip. As always each side also comes with pull loop tabs to make it easier whenever you put them on and as you would expect from a pair of good quality boots, the soles are also made from leather.

Dan Post boots are known in the cowboy boots industry for their handcrafted cushion that offers optimum comfort and it is really is the level of comfort you get from the time you wear them until you take them off that sets these boots apart.  The sole is made of 3 layers to keep your foot comfortable and protected all the time. The bottom insole uses the Flex Ball Joint feature, which provides great comfort and allows long wear. It lets your foot to flex naturally, reducing strain and discomfort. The middle layer is made of Poron Quick Recovery Insole cushion which is antimicrobial, keeping your feet protected from odor and reducing shock as well. The first layer is a full grain leather cover which gives you full flexibility. The three-layer insole gives your heel and arch great stability and like the other two Omaha styles probably some of the most comfortable snakeskin cowboy boots on the market.

I like to write about the pros and the cons of a product. However most snakeskin boots are at the high end of a companies product range and so the bad sides are rare. Add in to that the fact that Dan Post is hailed in the cowboy boots industry because the brand offers high quality products and I am really struggling to find anything bad to say. The materials used are superb, the boots seem highly durable and have a great design that is classy and compliments the wearer rather than defining them and taking all the attention. Throw in the comfort level and it’s no wonder that those who own a pair of Dan Post cowboy boots resist settling with any other brand.

Overall a great pair of boots, probably one of my favorites with great quality, comfort and design. Couldn’t find anything bad to say about them, very highly recommended.

Dan Post Mens Genuine Python Western Bay Apache Cowboy Boots

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